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How We Can Help

After being injured, The Jackman Law Firm stands ready to help you recover. We can connect you with local doctors and healthcare professionals to get you the treatment you need. In addition, we will take the pressure off you by making sure the insurance company directs all communication to our office. We will work tirelessly to get you the most money possible for your case by making sure you receive full and fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, miscellaneous expenses, and money for your pain and suffering. We are a team of dedicated and hard-working professionals who are aviable 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve you.

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About Injuries to Children

Personal injury cases that occur to children can be heartbreaking and they are often avoidable. For the most part, injuries to children occur at a particular place, such as a daycare center or school. For example, your child is at a desk at school doing her homework when the desk breaks, causing her to fall and injure her wrist. If the school knew about or should have known about the damaged desk but failed to act, you can hold the school liable for your child’s injuries.

Moving your case forward will be a little harder if you can’t establish that the school failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the accident. In simple terms, the reasonable standard asks what a reasonable person would have done to avoid such an incident from taking place. Winning damages becomes much easier if you can prove the school’s failure to meet the reasonable standard contributed to the accident. This same standard is also applied to other places where your child might have been hurt.

Can An Injured Child Bring a Lawsuit on Their Own?

If a child under the age of 18 is injured at a daycare, they cannot bring a lawsuit on their own. Rather, they must have an appointed guardian ad litem or their parent, who is over the age of 18, bring a claim. This can be accomplished easy with a lawyer’s help by going to court to have the adult appointed as the guardian ad litem.

Even if the minor is seventeen-years-old and mature for their age, if the settlement occurs prior to the age of 18, a judge will require a GAL be appointed. The GAL is meant to be neutral, it’s often an attorney, and this individual will meet with you, the parent, the minor child, and your personal injury attorney to make sure the settlement is fair and appropriate for the circumstances. Some counties are large enough that they have professionals whose sole job is to be guardian ad litems. If you have questions about whether you or your child can bring a claim, feel free to call The Jackman Law Firm for a discussion.


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Common Injuries

Spinal Cord injuries consist of damage to any part of the spinal cord or nerves at the end of the spinal cord. Such injuries often cause permanent paralysis, loss of strength, and all normal body functions below the location of the injury. The severity of the injury is often denoted by the “completeness” of the injury and classified as either Complete (all senses and ability to control movement below the site of the injury is lost) or Incomplete (some senses may remain and there may be some muscle function below the site of the injury).

Whiplash is an injury to the neck often referred to as a neck strain. It is caused by sudden backward or forward jerking motion of the head. Vertebrae in the cervical spine, discs, ligaments or nerve roots may be damaged. Whiplash is frequently caused by car accidents, but can also be caused by falls, or other trauma to the head and upper torso. Whiplash can also be called soft tissue injuries, or another way to think of it, whiplash injuries can also lead to soft tissue injuries. Many people in the medical community and insurance industry refer to whiplash as a soft tissue injury. What is a soft tissue injury? If there is a rapid change in one direction that leads to your body absorbing the force of impact. Soft tissue injuries result in three different but common forms. The first is a sprain.

Traumatic Brain Injury, often referred to as TBI, is usually caused by a strong force, blow, impact or penetrating projectile to the head. Commonly the brain collides with the inside of the skull, brain tissue and nerve fibers may be torn, and bleeding occur putting pressure on the brain. With mild injuries confusion or headache may occur. More severe injuries can result in disability, long term impairment, or death.

Paralysis is the loss or impairment of voluntary muscular power. Depending on the cause, paralysis can affect a specific muscle group or a much larger area. Paraplegia is the term used to describe loss of muscle function in the legs. Quadriplegia is the term used to define muscular function in both the arms and legs.

The knee is one of the most frequently injured parts of the body. Motor vehicle accidents, falls, and sports cause the majority of knee injuries. A very complex joint, the knee connects the thigh bone (femur) to the shin bone (tibia). Multiple tendons and ligaments connect the knee bones to the leg muscles controlling movement and stability to the knee joint. Cartilage cushions the bones in the knee joint. Falls, motor vehicle accidents or other trauma can damage any or all ligaments, tendons of bones in the knee joint.

A Degloving injury also called avulsion, is a severe injury characterized by the top layers of skin and tissue are torn away from underlying muscle, bones or connective tissues. In a simple sense a degloving injury is like stripping a body part of skin similar to removing a glove from one’s hand. Degloving is a severe often life- threatening injury that can affect virtually any body part.

Back injuries are commonly caused by trauma to the bones, muscles and tissues in the back. The term Back Injury is broad and may include many injuries such as common sprains, and more serious herniated spinal discs or fractured vertebrae.

If you suffer a burn, it is normally classified as either first, second, or third degree in nature. A first degree burn affects the outer layer of the skin and it is considered the least severe of the three. Second degree burns affect the outer and second layer of skin. Third degree burns, which are the most severe, cause damage to all layers of the skin, all the way down to the fat and nerves.

A fracture injury can be very serious and life-altering. Many fractures arise after a traumatic event, such as a car, truck, or accident on the job, such as an injury that occurs at a constructions site.

Being electrocuted is a very serious injury that can mean anything from a minor shock to being killed instantly. It just depends on the charge being transmitted. An electrocution is damage that is done to the skin or internal organs after some part of the body connects with an electrical current.

If you have suffered an amputation, you are likely going through a great deal of stress and hardship. Amputation injuries are among the hardest to recover from. They can change a person’s entire life. These are some of the ways your life may be altered.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as CRPS, affects an arm, leg, or hand normally and it causes the affected area a lot of constant pain. The pain usually comes after you are injured in some way, though it can also happen after a surgery or heart attack. This is not a common condition and there are a variety of medical opinions on it.

Apartment complexes are unfortunately common. Some complexes are small four-unit complexes while others are enormous high-rises that have hundreds, if not over a thousand units. If a fire breaks out in one unit, then it can easily spread to other units and harm many people, pets, and create sizable property damage.

Practice Areas

You can certainly challenge the taking, but understand this is normally an uphill battle you will likely lose. Since eminent domain is widely accepted, it’s hard to win unless you can show that the government is not taking your property for a legitimate public use. If you refuse, the government will file an action in court and you will have to appear in court, if asked, and file the appropriate legal documents in opposition to those filed by the government. If you lose, and the judge allows the taking to go forward, then a new trial will be started that allows each to make the case for the land’s value.

Every lawyer is different, but The Jackman Law Firm charges a third of whatever money you recover from the government, provided that amount is greater than the original offer you received. We only get paid, in other words, unless you both win and your award is greater than what you would have received without help.

This is a procedure to attempt to settle your case. The special commissioner is made up of three landowners who have no interest or relationship to you or your case. A judge selects them. The commissioners will hear you and your attorney make your case for the value of your land, as well as the government’s side, and from there they will decide the value of your land.

You don’t have to accept the offer from the government. You can fight for more money, but be aware you are going to need certain experts to validate your position, including surveyors, appraisers, and real estate brokers. These experts can persuade the judge or jury the true value of your land.

Every case is unique and different. It can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. In general, cases where the government is involved take a long time, typically a year or so. If a private company is involved, the process will usually be much faster.

You have three years from the date of the accident.

Statistically, it is not likely since most cases settle out of court, but the best way to settle the case is to prepare as though you are going to trial.

It is important to understand whether your doctor can clearly separate which accident caused your injuries. The Jackman Law Firm can assist you in this.