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Front-end car crashes happen when two vehicles strike head-on. Severe accidents could occur because of the negligence of one motorist and cause life-threatening injuries or death.

The consequences can be grievous even if the drivers are moving at a slow speed. Schedule to meet a skilled lawyer about front-end car accidents in Tacoma. A dedicated vehicle collision attorney could help file a compensation claim.

Common Reasons for Front-End Car Crashes

Front-end car collisions usually occur when one vehicle crosses the roadway’s median and enters the path of oncoming traffic. This often happens because of:

  • Driving with distractions
  • Reckless passing
  • Failing to follow traffic rules and regulations
  • Driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving and speeding
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Improper U-turns
  • Driving the wrong way

A head-on collision will often lead to severe property damage and bodily harm. A crash’s impact often causes a passenger’s body to sustain severe injuries from the sudden jolt the strike causes. The most common include back and spinal cord trauma, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, crush injuries, and blunt force trauma. After a front-end car accident, a lawyer in Tacoma could help injured parties hold the responsible person accountable.

Recovering Losses After a Front-End Vehicle Collision

No two motor vehicle collisions are the same, and the award amount will depend on the case specifics. However, after a claimant proves the other driver was at fault for a wreck, a court could award compensation to cover:

  • The total cost of current and future medical care
  • Lost pay while a plaintiff recovers and future earning potential
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Home modifications
  • Mental anguish and other psychological damages
  • Physical pain and suffering

Compensation for property damage and injuries could cover the plaintiff’s out-of-pocket and non-monetary losses. Trust an attorney in Tacoma to secure the compensation you need after a head-on vehicle crash.

Motor Vehicle Collision Report Requirements

It is not uncommon for drivers to decide against reporting car crashes. That is especially true when property damages are not severe. However, under the Revised Code of Washington § 46.52.030, all parties to an accident must file a Motor Vehicle Collision Report.

Motorists must submit the form for any accident with more than $1,000 in damages. The statute requires drivers complete and submit the form within four days of a wreck. Police officers often file the report if the parties call them to the scene.

Reporting a crash to insurance agencies and submitting the form will protect drivers if there is an injury claim. When there are bodily injury and property damages after a front-end car collision, a Tacoma lawyer could help recover compensation for injuries and losses.

Schedule a Consultation with a Seasoned Attorney About Front-End Car Accidents in Tacoma

If you were in a vehicle collision with a negligent driver, you have every right to expect them to pay for the losses their actions caused. An award amount could help you get back on your feet.

Injury and civil law can be challenging to navigate, requiring skilled litigation and negotiation skills. A legal professional could handle the legal work while you focus on healing and getting back to normal. Call an experienced lawyer about front-end car accidents in Tacoma if you need help recovering damages.