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Children are more susceptible to sustaining injuries than adults, and every year millions suffer harm in accidents. Young people do not have the experience to recognize hazards. Therefore, adults must care for and protect them. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control discloses that accidental injuries are the leading cause of death among children.

Kids are their parents’ most treasured assets, and nothing is more upsetting than seeing your child in pain. If a person’s careless or reckless actions caused your child to suffer injuries, you could have legal recourse. A seasoned Tacoma child injury lawyer could help you recover compensation for the cost of medical expenses and other damages. Call a personal injury attorney now to schedule a consultation.

Accidents that Lead to Child Injuries

Children run and play and often sustain injuries, many of which are not serious. Injuries to a child are often severe when an accident occurs because of negligent actions. Vehicle collisions are the most common reason children sustain life-threatening or fatal injuries. Some other common causes of severe injuries to children include:

  • Swimming pool accidents and accidental drowning
  • Hazardous chemicals within the child’s reach, causing poisoning injuries
  • Faulty products leading to suffocation
  • Burns from scalding water
  • Falls from dangerous heights
  • Dog bites and animal attacks

A child injury attorney in Tacoma could examine a case’s details to determine liability and help collect the evidence needed for a solid claim.

Filing a Civil Action for Child Injuries

When parents file a claim to recover losses after a person’s negligence caused harm to a child, they must follow state legislation. Under the Revised Code of Washington § 4.24.010, two parents or legal guardians who support a minor or are responsible for their support can file together as a joint plaintiff in a suit for injury of a child. These claims have a single cause of action.

If the two individuals are not married, they will collect an equal award separately. If one parent or guardian files the suit and does not name the other guardian as a plaintiff, they must send a copy of the docket to the other party. This document informs them that they have 20 days to join as a plaintiff in the civil action. Parents or guardians in a child injury claim are eligible to collect compensation for medical costs, loss of services, and lost love and companionship.

The Statute of Limitations in Child Injury Claims

In most cases, there is a three-year time limit for filing an injury claim. When a case involves a minor, the time does not begin until the child’s 18th birthday. The guardians may also file a lawsuit for their losses. In that case, they must file the suit within three years of the accident. A lawyer in Tacoma could answer questions on child injury suit regulations and handle the legal filings.

Meet With a Diligent Tacoma Child Injury Lawyer

Watching your child suffer from injuries is one of the worst things a parent could go through. When they incur severe injuries because of an adult’s negligent actions, you could have the legal right to hold them financially responsible.

A settlement could cover all the medical costs related to the accident and other non-monetary losses. Call today to start a claim with a hard-working Tacoma child injury lawyer.