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A major sector in Tacoma’s construction industry involves people working in demolition. Despite the use of advanced techniques and specialized safety equipment, injuries that result from people doing their demolition jobs are common. If you were hurt due to a sudden building collapse or a planned demolition, you likely have the right to seek compensation for your losses.

A Tacoma building collapse lawyer may be able to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. A skilled construction injury attorney could help appeal a worker’s comp denial, evaluate the actions of third parties, or both.

Injuries Seen in Building Collapses

There is no doubt that building collapses are serious events. Even something like a portion of drywall falling from a wall or a ceiling falling on a person can be life changing. Not only can these incidents result in severe physical injuries, but they may also impact a person’s emotional wellbeing or their ability to return to their job. Some of the most common injuries seen during a building collapse include:

Any of these injuries deserve legal representation, so it is essential to discuss financial compensation with a building collapse attorney in Tacoma as soon as possible.

The Basics of a Building Collapse Claim

The goal of legal action following a building collapse is to collect the compensation needed to cover an injured employee’s losses and emotional traumas. However, the exact compensation seen in a case depends on the details of the building collapse.

If a building collapse victim decides to seek restitution through the worker’s compensation system, they can usually collect monetary damages for medical expenses and lost wages. However, in some cases, it might make sense to file a claim against a negligent third party. If a construction collapse plaintiff can demonstrate that a third party was responsible for their injuries and losses, they can likely collect damages that go beyond the scope of the worker’s compensation program. An experienced Tacoma lawyer could help with determining who to target after a building collapse.

Worker’s Compensation Nuances

The most direct way to seek out compensation following a building collapse injury is to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. All employers in Tacoma must obtain these plans through either the State program or a self-obtained private policy.

The Department of Labor and Industries will oversee all claims that flow through the state program. As long as the injury is the result of an employee performing their work duties, this should result in benefits in the form of medical care and partial wage reimbursement. Unfortunately, denials of these claims are common. Here, a building collapse lawyer in Tacoma is prepared to pursue appeals on behalf of employees that connect an injury to a person’s time at work.

Speak with a Tacoma Building Collapse Attorney Today

Building collapses can lead to a variety of physical injuries, emotional traumas, and financial hardships. The first step after each of these incidents is to pursue compensation through a workers’ compensation claim. If you have met resistance to your claim or an insurance provider is offering an insufficient benefit package, a Tacoma building collapse lawyer could pursue an appeal on your behalf.

Our legal team is also ready to evaluate if a third party’s negligence was the reason for your losses. To discuss case strategy and ask questions about your options, reach out to our office today.