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Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. If you are the target of sexual harassment at work in Tacoma, contact a local attorney.

The law forbids sexual harassment in the workplace, and the penalties for the defendant could be severe. An experienced sexual abuse attorney could help you file a complaint against your employer and sue them for damages. When you work with our legal team, you could file a civil lawsuit that helps you gain compensation for your suffering and hold all the manipulative parties accountable.

Sexual Harassment Under State Law

Sexual harassment is a form of gender-based discrimination. The Revised Code of Washington §49.60.180(3) prohibits discrimination against an employee because of their sex. Employers must protect workers from all forms of discrimination at work. If an employee does experience sexual harassment, their company or employer is likely liable.

If an employee needs help understanding sexual harassment laws or collecting evidence of their abuse, they should discuss their options with a seasoned Tacoma lawyer.

Two Types of Illegal Sexual Harassment

There are two forms of sexual harassment that a worker might experience on the job: quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment. If a victim can prove that their employer allowed either kind of harassment to occur and did not stop it as soon as they became aware, this employer is likely responsible for compensating the plaintiff.

Hostile Work Environment

An employee experiences hostile work environment sexual harassment if comments or actions directed toward them make their job harder and change their conditions of employment for the worse. The behavior must be unwelcome, meaning the employee did not invite or incite it.

The employer is liable for this form of sexual harassment if they knew or should have known of the behavior. Additionally, if a manager at the workplace is responsible for the harassment, the law assumes that the employer knew about the behavior. The employer also will be come responsible for the harassment if the worker complained to Human Resources about the behavior.

If a company or business alleges that they were unaware of the sexual harassment in question, a Tacoma attorney could present evidence showing that the employer should have known about the behavior because of its openness, pervasiveness, or because it was generally known within the company.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

This form of sexual harassment happens when a manager or a worker’s supervisor makes unwelcome sexual advances or uses sexual harassment to threaten an employee’s position. For example, a manager might tell a worker they will be safe from a future workforce reduction if they agree to unwanted sexual advances or promise a worker a promotion if they do not report an instance of sexual harassment.

The harasser does not need to explicitly say that consent is necessary for the worker’s change in status or special treatment. However, the worker must understand that the harasser is offering a quid pro quo. A compassionate legal team member could help report instances of quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Damages in a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

When sexual harassment causes trauma and suffering, an employee can usually file a civil claim against their employer. Any company, business, or manager that allows sexual harassment in the workplace is liable to compensate the employee.

Seeking compensation for lost wages is a common goal of a sexual harassment lawsuit. If the employee quit or was fired due to the harassment, the wages they could have earned if they remained in their position are often part of their settlement. If the employee transferred to a lower-paying job to avoid harassment, they can usually factor the difference in their earnings into their claim. If the physical or psychological impact of the sexual harassment prevents the employee from working at all, the company could be liable to pay them an amount that compensates for a lifetime of reduced earnings.

Meanwhile, a victim also could seek compensation for the emotional impact of the harassment. For instance, with the guidance of a Tacoma lawyer, the employee could file a claim that demands payment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia, social isolation, reduced enjoyment of daily life, and any other losses associated with sexual harassment.

Discuss Sexual Harassment at Work in Tacoma With an Attorney

Workplace sexual harassment is illegal. It can have lasting consequences on your career and health, and you should not tolerate it.

If you experienced sexual harassment at work in Tacoma, contact an attorney at the Jackman Law Firm. You can often sue the employer for damages and receive substantial compensation for your lost wages and emotional distress. Reach out today to get started.