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Truck Accidents

Whether you were involved in a crash with a normal sized pickup truck or an 18-wheeler, also known as a semi-truck, the aftermath is likely severe. The sheer size of these trucks can easily result in catastrophic injuries. There are special considerations that go into proving the trucking company was responsible for your suffering. These kinds of cases are often fiercely contested and involve insurance companies that fight you, the truck accident victim, every step of the way.

Therefore, you maximize the chances of a positive case outcome when you work with a Tacoma truck accident lawyer. A dedicated injury representative could determine the cause of the crash and demonstrate that you were driving carefully. Call today to arrange your free consultation.

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How We Can Help with Truck Accidents

After a truck accident, you need an aggressive and experienced big rig crash lawyer who can help you get the most amount of compensation for your case as possible. The first thing to do in every trucking case is to demonstrate that you are not at fault. Sometimes the trucking company’s insurance company will allege that you were either partly or wholly at fault for the accident. If that is the case, then you might need to hire an expert to help prove that you were not at fault. Once we establish liability, we can then begin negotiating with the insurance company for the trucker or commercial vehicle company who hit you. Legally, you are allowed to recover the following monetary damages that reimburse for:

  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Loss of consortium

A dedicated truck accident attorney from the Jackman Law Firm will make sure we position your case in such a way as to secure the best possible outcome if a trial does happen. If you have questions about how we can help you, feel free to call us for a free consultation.


Learn More About Settling Your Truck Accident Case

What Usually Causes Truck Accidents?

No matter how safe and compliant a truck driver is to the relevant rules and regulations, an accident could still happen due to a moment of negligence. Common factors that cause truck wrecks include but are not limited to:

Failure to Properly Maintain and Inspect a Truck

Both drivers and trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are well-maintained and safe for use. They should document all maintenance checks, and if a truck accident is due to equipment that’s maintained poorly, the company will likely be held accountable.

Equipment malfunction can vary from tire blowouts to faulty brakes. Before drivers go behind the wheel, things such as cargo, brakes, steering, tires, reflective tapes, and mirrors should be checked for proper function. However, many companies fail to keep their vehicles in top condition, and truck drivers often do not dedicate the time to carefully inspect their vehicles which could lead to an accident.

Equipment Failure or Defective Design

If a truck hits the road with faulty parts, like poor brakes or mediocre tires, the designer or manufacturer of the vehicle may also be held accountable for the damages incurred in the accident.

Large trucks can also get into crashes caused by poorly maintained roads or inclement weather. For instance, severe weather conditions like typhoons or snowstorms can make it more difficult to navigate slippery surfaces or deal with shifts in traffic.

Improper Loading

Navigating traffic in a regular vehicle is far different from driving a large truck. The amount of cargo that a commercial truck carries will have a huge impact, and there are times when overloading is the principal cause of an accident. There are packers that tend to load the truck quickly so that the driver will reach his or her next destination as soon as possible. Those inexperienced employees may not have the knowledge of how to distribute the cargo’s weight suitably. These mistakes may cause a semi-truck to be hard to maneuver or result in jackknifing.

There are laws that set capacity restrictions on how much weight commercial large trucks can carry. If it’s overloaded, it may detriment the driving of the trucker as well as the vehicle itself. Too much load can also blow out the tires. In addition, cargos that are not secured well are hazardous and can cause injuries and worst, fatal collisions.

Inability to Stop

The heaviest commercial trucks on the road are tractor-trailers, and as a result, they also have the most difficulty stopping. Large trucks going at 65mph need around 420 ft to come to a stop compared to normal vehicles, which usually only need around 160 ft. Even when truckers realize that there’s a need for them to stop, there are times when they simply cannot.

Any of these listed causes could have a severe consequences, but a dedicated attorney in Tacoma could help a plaintiff recover from many different varieties of truck accident.

You can certainly challenge the taking, but understand this is normally an uphill battle you will likely lose. Since eminent domain is widely accepted, it’s hard to win unless you can show that the government is not taking your property for a legitimate public use. If you refuse, the government will file an action in court and you will have to appear in court, if asked, and file the appropriate legal documents in opposition to those filed by the government. If you lose, and the judge allows the taking to go forward, then a new trial will be started that allows each to make the case for the land’s value.

Every lawyer is different, but The Jackman Law Firm charges a third of whatever money you recover from the government, provided that amount is greater than the original offer you received. We only get paid, in other words, unless you both win and your award is greater than what you would have received without help.

This is a procedure to attempt to settle your case. The special commissioner is made up of three landowners who have no interest or relationship to you or your case. A judge selects them. The commissioners will hear you and your attorney make your case for the value of your land, as well as the government’s side, and from there they will decide the value of your land.

You don’t have to accept the offer from the government. You can fight for more money, but be aware you are going to need certain experts to validate your position, including surveyors, appraisers, and real estate brokers. These experts can persuade the judge or jury the true value of your land.

Every case is unique and different. It can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. In general, cases where the government is involved take a long time, typically a year or so. If a private company is involved, the process will usually be much faster.

You have three years from the date of the accident.

Statistically, it is not likely since most cases settle out of court, but the best way to settle the case is to prepare as though you are going to trial.

It is important to understand whether your doctor can clearly separate which accident caused your injuries. The Jackman Law Firm can assist you in this.