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Commercial trucks are an essential part of our everyday lives. Almost every product we see on store shelves comes off a tractor-trailer before we get the chance to use it. No one denies the utility of these vehicles. Nevertheless, the plain size and weight of these trucks create many hazards for other drivers on Tacoma roads, including the possibility for jackknife accidents. These collisions occur when a trucker comes to a sudden stop and their trailer swings out to the sides. Any jackknife incident could result in serious injuries and costly losses.

Fortunately, a skilled commercial vehicle crash attorney may be able to help after a jackknife truck accident in Tacoma left you injured. Our legal team can help you seek compensation to cover medical bills, make up for lost earnings, and bring stability back to your life.

Causes and Consequences of a Jackknife Accident

Commercial trucks are massive vehicles. Even when empty, they can weigh tons and are slow to stop in case of an emergency. If a tractor-trailer is carrying a heavy load, it might become unbalanced, leading to a lack of stability.

This lack of stability ends up causing many jackknife accidents. If a driver needs to make a sudden stop, their cab decelerates at a faster rate than their trailer. This can cause the trailer to keep moving forward during the stop and swing out to the side when there is nowhere else for it to go.

The resulting blockage of lanes can leave other drivers with no alternative but to come into contact with that trailer. This can leave many people as victims of head-on collisions with support rigging or the trailer itself. As a result, many people suffer severe head and neck injuries in a jackknife crash. A compassionate Tacoma lawyer understands these consequences and could a plaintiff get started on the process of recovering from a jackknife truck accident.

Is a Trucker Usually Liable for a Jackknife Crash?

A jackknife truck wreck is not very different from any other type of personal injury caused by another person’s negligence. After this kind of crash, a plaintiff still needs to prove that a defendant was at-fault for the accident if they hope to collect compensation.

However, proving fault after a jackknife wreck can be a unique challenge. Just because a truck jackknifes does not mean that the driver has made a mistake. Instead, many jackknifes are the result of a trucker attempting to avoid an obstacle in the road to prevent further harm. Still, a hardworking Tacoma lawyer could help gather evidence of poor trucker decisions that name this driver as the liable party in a jackknife collision.

An attorney could also help to defeat any allegations of comparative negligence. According to the Revised Code of Washington § 4.22.005, courts will evaluate the actions of all parties involved in accidents to assign blame. Evidence that a plaintiff was following too closely behind a truck to make a proper stop may result in a reduced award at trial or even a total inability to recover compensation. While this is frustrating, a jackknife attorney could help to show that a trucker’s negligence was the sole cause of the collision in question.

Let an Attorney Hold Negligent Drivers Responsible After Jackknife Truck Accidents in Tacoma

Every person who suffers an injury because of the negligence of a trucker deserves to receive compensation. If a jackknife truck accident in Tacoma left you with lost income, medical expenses, severe injuries, and property damage, you should work with our legal team to hold the defendant accountable.

It might feel challenging to collect the evidence needed to demonstrate fault, but you boost your chances of collecting the compensation you deserve when you work with a skilled legal representative. Reach out to our office today to get started on filing a claim.