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When people picture an accident involving a commercial truck, they might envision the vehicle jackknifing or flipping. However, a significant portion of truck accidents involve side impacts. For instance, if a truck makes an improper lane change, runs a red light, or takes a turn at too tight of an angle, they could T-bone a passenger car and cause devastating injuries.

Fortunately, a dedicated lawyer may be able to help pursue a claim for damages following side-impact truck accidents in Tacoma. A skilled truck wreck attorney can work to perform a full investigation into the incident to prove that a truck driver’s negligence contributed to the collision and injuries in question.

What Usually Causes Side-Impact Crashes?

A side-impact crash describes any collision where the point of impact on a plaintiff’s car is the side panel.

A T-bone truck crash can occur in a variety of ways and at almost any time. Perhaps the most common situation involves a truck making a lane change and colliding with a passenger car already occupying the lane. This is especially common with larger commercial vehicles, as significant blind spots contribute to an overall lack of visibility. Side-impact truck accidents may also result from:

  • A truck running a red light or stop sign in an intersection
  • A trucker cutting a corner short in a multiple-turn lane
  • High winds causing a truck to drift into another lane on the interstate

A dedicated Tacoma lawyer could investigate the cause of a side-impact crash to hold a negligent truck driver responsible for the injuries and setbacks.

Compensation Associated with Side-Impact Trucking Accidents

State laws establish that people who suffer harm in an accident can demand compensation from an at-fault defendant if that defendant was negligent. Defendants can be considered legally negligent if they violate a rule of the road or operate their vehicles in a way that places others in danger. Establishing negligence can be challenging without legal representation, but a hardworking Tacoma attorney could fight to prove a trucker’s blame in causing a t-bone crash.

After proving negligence for a collision, the resulting claim for compensation can be substantial. Side-impact truck collisions can break bones, separate joints, and cause traumatic brain injuries. A side-impact crash plaintiff deserves the money they need to pay for treatment and recover from these injuries.

However, many plaintiffs also pursue losses for some of the more subjective losses associated with a T-bone truck wreck. For instance, many victims suffer significant mental anguish in the form of pain, nightmares, or PTSD. While it might be more challenging to demonstrate this trauma after a crash, a plaintiff can still work with compassionate legal representation to pursue compensation for these losses.

Are Side-Impact Truck Accident Claims Subject to a Statute of Limitations?

It is important to remember that, after a side-impact wreck with a commercial truck, there is a deadline for filing a civil claim and seeking compensation.  The Revised Code of Washington § 4.16.080 says that any claim for damages must be filed no more than three years from the date of injury. An attorney in Tacoma could help to demand appropriate payments within the applicable time limits following a side-impact truck wreck.

Call Our Attorneys about Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Tacoma

T-bone truck wrecks can cause significant damage to drivers and their passengers. Even a glancing collision with a large trailer can break bones, separate joints, or cause whiplash. The resulting medical bills and lost quality of life can be substantial, but plaintiffs still need to prove that a truck driver’s negligence was the source of their losses.

Thankfully, our seasoned legal team is here to help. A hardworking attorney could investigate the cause of the crash and help you prove how the incident has affected your life. A lawyer could then take the lead in your claim in demanding appropriate payments from drivers, their employers, and the relevant insurance companies. Ideally, the case will end with a fair settlement without having to go to court. Contact an attorney now to discuss your legal rights after side-impact truck accidents in Tacoma.