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If you are injured at an amusement park, you may have a claim against the amusement park. To be clear, there are two kinds of claims you may make, depending on the circumstances of your case. You may make a claim against the amusement park for the condition they kept the amusement park or your claim may be against the manufacturer of the amusement park ride or bouncy house for not designing a safe ride or bouncy house. Given that many amusement park rides and bouncy houses are targeting children, the makers of amusement parks have a duty to make sure that their equipment is safe for everyone, including children, given their smaller size.

The amusement park also has a duty to make sure that they are properly supervising children and that they are directing children safely to the right rides and not letting children get in rides they are not suited for. Parents of course have a duty and responsibility to make sure that they are properly supervising their children.

If a child is injured inside a bouncy house, then there are a couple of different possibilities on who is responsible for the child’s injuries depending on how the child was injured. The party may be the one who operates the bouncy house, such as the business owner if it occurs at a business. If the injury occurs at someone’s home, the homeowner or the company who rented the machine may be responsible if they did not set up the bouncy house in a safe manner.

In every negligence case involving either an amusement park or a bouncy house, you have to prove that the amusement park or the bouncy house owner had a duty to keep you or your child safe, they breached that duty, and their negligence was the reason you were injured.