No Fee Unless We Win.

Legally, hotel owners and operators have a duty to make sure their premises are safe from known dangers. Further, if they reasonably could have known that their premises would be dangerous, then they have a duty to make sure that the premises are safe.

This means, again, that they may have to go out and spend money to hire the proper security personal to make sure their premises are safe. In order to prevail on a negligent security case, you must show the landowner had a duty to keep their property safe, they breached their duty in some way to you, and that you were injured because of the breach in that duty.

This may or may not be easy to do in a negligent security case if you believe the hotel was not properly keeping the hotel safe. You may have to do a great deal of work, if you do not hire a lawyer, to prove that not enough security was present. In many cases, this will include hiring the right expert or experts to prove your case.

In addition, hotels have a duty to make sure they are keeping their premises safe from known hazards, such as oil accumulations in the parking lot or stairwells or elevators or escalators that are kept in a safe and habitable manner.

Many times hotels allow their premises to become unsafe and unkempt based on years of disrepair and disuse. In every negligence case involving a hotel, you have to prove that the hotel had a duty to keep you safe, they breached that duty, and their negligence was the reason you were injured.