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These kinds of truck accidents occur when a car, though it could also be a truck or SUV, but most times when a car is run over by an 18-wheeler or semi-truck. These accidents are often very serious because if the car is not run over by an 18-wheeler, at the very least the car is stuck under the truck.

These accidents occur when the truck cannot stop and runs over the smaller car. Override accidents normally occur when one of the following, or all of the following potentially, happen to a driver:

  • A truck driver follows another car too closely
  • Weather conditions, such as rain and fog, make it hard to see how close a car is in front of the trucker
  • The trucker is distracted
  • The trucker is drowsy from driving too much
  • A tire blows out
  • The truck has brake issues
  • The trucker changes suddenly without checking his rearview mirror
  • There are mechanical issues with the truck

There are also instances when an “underride” accident occurs. An underride accident happens when a car or truck, normally a small car or a sports car, gets stuck under a truck. This can happen because of weather conditions or because a truck suddenly changes lanes without checking to make sure there isn’t a car in the lane.


Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are normally considered commercial vehicles, which means more government regulation and larger insurance policies insuring the vehicle. The government imposes stricter regulations on commercial vehicles. 18 wheeler vehicles that are not considered commercial vehicles, such as 18-wheelers, are much freer to enter residential neighborhoods and streets, because 18-wheelers and more traditional commercial vehicles are prohibited from entering such streets and neighborhoods.

There are two sources of fault when there is an accident with a utility truck that is not your fault. It is either the driver’s fault or the truck company’s fault. On some rare occasions, there can be a combination of both.

In order for a commercial driver to be on the road, they need to have what is called a CDL or a commercial driver’s license. This kind of license is not easy to obtain. A driver must pass a background check and pass several fitness tests as well. In addition, responsible companies should also have internal background and fitness checks with which they screen their applicants. However, as you can imagine, companies do not always do their due diligence in hiring a trucker for their company.