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Some of the common reasons for left-hand turn bicycle accidents are cars or trucks that did not see you, the design or layout of the road, distracted drivers who are either texting or under the influence of alcohol, bad lighting and bad weather. In addition, another common reason for left-turn bicycle accidents are sideswipe accidents where a car, truck, or SUV merges into you and knocks you out. This typically takes place when a car, truck, or SUV does not see you because they have not carefully checked their rearview or side mirror before turning, or they do not properly signal before they make a turn.


After being struck on your bicycle while taking a left-hand turn, you may be in for the fight of your life. Taking the steps recommended here may be very hard, if not impossible for you, depending on the extent of your injuries. If you are physically able, this is what you should do, though if you cannot you should have a relative or friend or spouse try to do this.

  1. Make sure you get the name, number, address, make, model of care, and all insurance information, especially the name of the company and policy number, for the driver who hit you.
  2. You need to photograph your injuries and the damage to your bicycle.
  3. You need to notify your car and bicycle insurance company of your injuries so they are aware, along with notifying the insurance company for the driver who hit you.
  4. You should make sure you are not mentioning or posting your injuries or what happened from your accident on social media.
  5. It is a good idea to keep a log of the providers you’re seeing and the overall state of your health as you progress over time. Sixth, do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company for the driver who hit you. And seventh, if a witness saw the accident take place, getting his or her name, number, address, and email address is helpful.