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Aside from needing a lawyer when you’re faced with injuries or property damage from a commercial truck accident, you’ll also need lots of evidence when pursuing a legal claim. It is crucial on your part to know how and what to look for to strengthen your case. But sometimes, finding that information and pieces of physical information can be challenging to accomplish.

  • Logging and tracking devices. According to the Department of Transportation, most commercial large trucks are installed with tracking and logging devices in order to record data and as a standard procedure for keeping up with safety compliance. This is essential for tracking information such as times of rest, hours of service, brake usage, and speeds that may be helpful in case of a collision.
  • Computer data. An electronic tracking device may provide you with the vital evidence you need, but usually, computer with the accident data, also referred to as a black box, is what will support your claim. It may also contain information such as electrical systems malfunction or if the engine of the truck installed, and all other defective issues of the vehicle.
  • Records of the truck’s maintenance. The maintenance record of the 18-wheeler or big rig may provide you with vital evidence needed for your claim if it’s the one at fault. Trucking companies keep these records, and the entity or agency that hired the trucker is the one responsible. Trucking companies may owe you damages if proven that they are involved in violations of the maintenance of the truck or applied practices that caused the problem. Some of the most important things in maintenance inspections include cargo inspection, brake conditions, and electrical malfunctions.
  • Video captures. Most commercial trucks are armed with dash cams that may have captured the incident. This is very helpful in proving the trucker is at fault for the collision. It is also possible for the video camera to capture violations of the trucking company such as issues with the vehicle, inspection failures, and failing to secure the cargo properly. Your case will be a lot stronger the more evidence the camera captures for the judge and juries to see.
  • Driver qualification. Some truck drivers are more qualified than others. Evidence like drug tickets, driving under the influence of alcohol, and previous accident record of a person will strengthen your case further.