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Many truck drivers who pass through Tacoma operate on schedules that require them to be on the road for more than ten hours a day. In addition, they may need to drive on these schedules for multiple days at a time. These facts combine to contribute to a high frequency of fatigued drivers who are more likely to cause accidents.

A tired driver is an unsafe driver. In fact, federal law places limits on how many hours a driver can spend on the road on any given day or week. Still, many companies ignore these laws in an attempt to increase profits. A hardworking truck crash attorney could provide more information about the federal laws that govern safe trucking and help you pursue fair compensation after fatigued driving truck accidents in Tacoma.

What Usually Causes Fatigued Truck Driving?

The trucking industry is a high-stress environment. Independent drivers and large trucking companies operate on strict deadlines that require the movement of goods on specific dates. This often involves moving products from one side of the country to the other.

These deadlines and expectations combine to place great strain on operators. For instance, a trucker might need to be on the road for extreme lengths of time to meet their deadlines. In addition, trucking can be stressful on its own, especially after dark, in heavy traffic, or during inclement weather. The stress of these situations can lead to unnecessary fatigue.

Sadly, this tiredness is a major contributing factor to many accidents. A fatigued driver is less able to respond appropriately to changing traffic patterns. They may also fall asleep behind the wheel, causing them to lose control of their vehicle. A Tacoma attorney could help evaluate the reason for a crash and hold negligent drivers and their employers responsible for fatigued driving.

Determining Fault for a Fatigued Driving Wreck

It may seem clear that a trucker’s fatigued driving was the cause of a crash. However, the responsibility still lies on the injured party to demonstrate that the trucker was to blame for the incident in question.

One way to accomplish this is to show that a trucker was in violation of the federal rules that govern maximum drive times. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration creates rules concerning how many hours a trucker may be on the road on any specific day or week. Under these laws, a trucker can spend a maximum of 11 hours on the road in any 24-hour period. In addition, these sessions must follow a rest period of at least ten hours. Similar laws control the number of hours that a driver may spend on the road in a week. In short, a driver can spend a maximum of 60 hours on duty in a seven-day period. Proving violations of these laws is one way to demonstrate fault for an accident.

Even if a driver did not violate these laws, a lawyer might still be able to prove liability. Driver fatigue can still contribute to accidents and entitle people to seek out payments for medical costs, lost wages, and emotional traumas. A hardworking lawyer in Tacoma could help fully investigate the cause of an accident and evaluate how the event has impacted a person’s life.

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Every driver has an obligation to keep others safe while behind the wheel. If a fatigued driving crash left you with life-changing injuries, you should discuss your legal options with our team. A dedicated attorney could work on your side to investigate the crash, measure your losses, and demand full compensation from all liable parties. Reach out now to learn more about fatigued driving truck accidents in Tacoma.