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Commercial truckers typically drive for about 11 hours. They haul vehicles with a weight of 80,000 pounds through roads that are unfamiliar, unpredictable driving situations, and unfavorable weathers. Although this job may not be the safest and best way to make a profit, more than three million Americans make a living out of it. Compared to average motorists, truck drivers usually have a lot of experience behind the wheels. However, just like with any driver, they’re not immune to accidents and collisions.

A massive number of people either die or gets seriously injured in truck accidents every year. It is expected that by 2030, the fifth leading cause of death in the US will be car crashes. Most of the time, the victims are those individuals in passenger vehicles who are not equipped to endure a collision with vehicles a hundred times its strength and weight.

It is much more catastrophic to be involved in commercial truck accidents compared to those between two vehicles for personal use. A commercial truck that’s fully loaded typically has a weight of at least 25 times as much as your regular car. Because of this drastic weight difference combined with the laws of physics, a lot of accidents involving big trucks with other vehicles on the road lead to serious, and at times fatal injuries.