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Many of the accidents involving large semi-trucks and drivers of cars or SUVs are the result of truck drivers who are not getting enough rest before they drive, they are driving distracted, and they are driving too fast for conditions because they are trying to get to their destinations on time or early. This contributes to a culture of dangerousness on the highways of America.


Many accidents on highways are the result of truck drivers who operate 18 wheelers or semi-trucks. In order for a commercial driver to be on the road operating a truck, they need to have what is called a CDL or a commercial driver’s license. This kind of license is not easy to obtain. A driver must pass a background check and pass several fitness tests as well. In addition, responsible companies should also have internal background and fitness checks with which they screen their applicants. However, as you can imagine, companies do not always do their due diligence in hiring a trucker for their company.

While the majority of truck accidents are the result of driver error, there can also be instances when the truck company is at fault. Common reasons for utility truck accidents when the company is at fault:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Brake problems
  • Vehicle maintenance issues
  • Failing to properly screen or vet drivers

Sometimes truck companies fail to properly maintain their vehicles and they put their drivers in trucks that are not safe, for a variety of reasons, ranging from brakes that are aging and faulty, tires that are bald and need replacing, and other mechanical issues that need addressed and fixed. If this is the case, the company shares responsibility for the accident they caused.