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If you suffer a burn, it is normally classified as either first, second, or third degree in nature. A first degree burn affects the outer layer of the skin and it is considered the least severe of the three. Second degree burns affect the outer and second layer of skin. Third degree burns, which are the most severe, cause damage to all layers of the skin, all the way down to the fat and nerves.

With third degree burns, there is also the likelihood of other health problems, including breathing problems, body temperatures that are too low, and infection. Some common treatments with burns are over the counter medication for minor burns, water-based treatments to clean the wound and promote tissue growth, IV fluids, ointments, skin grafts, and surgery.

Road burns are often common in motorcycle accidents. Common causes for burns include intensive heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight, or radiation exposure. This is in addition to scalds from hot liquids and steam, and inhalation injuries. Death is an unfortunate and common result from very serious burns.

In more serious cases, if death has not resulted from the burn, there is also the possibility of severe swelling, blistering, permanent scars, and also shock. Infections are also common with burns since your epidermal layer acts as a layer of protection. After a burn, it is very crucial to get enough water and fluids, as well as proper nutrition, to properly treat the burn and restore you to health.

There may be a need for extensive plastic surgery to treat your burns. Burns can leave unsightly scars and discoloration that only an experienced plastic surgeon can properly treat. Experienced surgeons have the ability to properly restore someone, as much as realistic given the injury, to pre-burn status. Many times there is a need for multiple surgeries and skin grafts to treat someone.


If you have suffered a burn injury, chances are you incurred it in one of the following ways:

  • Car accident
  • Truck accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Explosions at work
  • Construction accident
  • On the job injury
  • Worksite accident
  • Chemical explosions
  • Apartment fires
  • Faulty smoke alarms

Burn injuries do not often heal, assuming they are very serious, completely on their own without some form of medical care. It is advisable to see a medical professional to discuss your injuries and equally advisable to speak to a lawyer to speak about your case.

If you have been injured by another because they were negligent in some way, which could be from a car or truck accident or any number of accidents, then you should speak to a lawyer to discuss your case.

In addition to the obvious physical pain and suffering a burn victim will experience, many burn victims will also need to undergo extensive emotional and mental therapy by seeing a therapist, counselor, or psychologist in order to mentally and emotionally return to the state they were in prior to the injury. This is especially true for those burn victims whose burns are so bad to their faces and neck that they do not resemble their former selves or if they have to undergo extensive and multiple surgeries.

Further, children who suffer burns are also vulnerable to experiencing serious mental and emotional injuries that need to be addressed. In the immediate aftermath of a burn injury, while the physical injuries should be addressed and for good reason, it is equally important that a burn victim’s emotional and mental state be addressed as well. This should not be overlooked.


One of the dangers of living in an apartment is the chance that a neighbor may not be responsible and because of their irresponsibility, a unit can catch on fire and affect many other people in the apartment building or complex. The owner of the apartment complex has the legal duty under Texas law to make sure that their building is up to code and safe from the creation and spread of fires. In most instances, a fire will start because there is a wiring issue in the building, meaning the electrical wiring is poorly done.

Another reason is that smoke detectors were not installed and maintained properly. A third reason is that there are no safe and easy exits out of the apartment complex. Making sure there are fire extinguishers and fire-resistant doors are also important factors. Many apartment owners simply do not take the proper steps to make sure their buildings are up to code and they instead do things cheaply.


OSHA, which is a government agency tasked with overseeing workplace safety, has reported that every year in America over 5,000 people are burned from explosions that take place on the job. These explosions could come from a couple of different sources, but most commonly it’s from being around flammable materials, chemicals, or operating machinery or equipment that malfunctions and causes a terrible fire. In most instances, the worker has the opportunity to file either a L&I claim in Texas, known as Labor and Industries, but there are times when a worker can also file what is called a third party claim, if a company other than their employer is the one responsible for their injuries.