No Fee Unless We Win.

Going to the dentist once or twice a year for a check-up or a cleaning is a routine event for people. The majority of the time there are no problems with the dentist or the oral surgeon. However, there are rare instances when the dentist, the dental assistant, or the oral surgeon will make a mistake that harms a patient. The injuries to the mouth can be very painful and often permanent.


In order to prove that a dentist’s mistake is serious enough to deserve a lawsuit, then you have to be able to prove that the conduct of the dentist was not what an ordinary dentist would do, or that the dentist’s conduct fell beneath what most dentists would consider the normal standard of care. This often means that to win your dental malpractice case, you have to hire another dentist to review your chart notes to determine whether malpractice was committed.

How, then, do you prove your dental malpractice case? First, you need to get copies of your dental chart notes and records. Second, you need to have another dentist review them to make sure that malpractice was committed. Third, you or your lawyer need to notify the dentist so he or she can then notify their malpractice insurance company, which is who will pay your damages, whether they are for pain and suffering or for additional dental care.

Other Common Injuries from Dental Malpractice

  • Permanent loss of taste or sensation
  • Nerve damage
  • Lip or mouth scars
  • Paresthesia
  • Removing unnecessary teeth Infections