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Being electrocuted is a very serious injury that can mean anything from a minor shock to being killed instantly. It just depends on the charge being transmitted. An electrocution is damage that is done to the skin or internal organs after some part of the body connects with an electrical current.

Electricity passes easily throughout the body. While some electrical burns may seem minor at first, there may be extensive inner damage to someone’s body. Most electric currents cause injuries due to the following ways: a heart attack because of the electrical effect on someone’s heart. Muscle or nerve damage after a current rush through your body. Thermal burns. Falls from a height after receiving a shock from the electricity.

Hundreds of people are killed each year from being electrocuted. In fact, it is estimated every day someone dies at work from being electrocuted. Thousands more are injured each year from electrocutions.

Electrocutions have terrible effects on the body. The cardiovascular system are common reasons for people being killed or suffering serious injuries. Unless the heart is treated, the electrocution can kill someone. The central nervous system can also be affected by an electrocution. Electricity, while it passes easily through the human body, can have a deadly effect on the brain and the central nervous system. A lot of different injuries can result from this, including respiratory failure and spinal cord injuries. Coming into contact with such a current can have deadly consequences. The muskoskeletal system is another part of the body that can be affected when a current rushes through the body.


Reviving someone’s heart is often the first and most important goal after an electrocution injury. Treating burns is often a second, but still important, concern after an electrocution injury. Virtually anyone who has suffered an electrical injury will have some burns, whether inside or outside the body. Surgery is often required to treat these burns. Many people suffer infections as well.

There are also cardiovascular problems people often experience after a burn injury. Surgery and medical care can often help improve these conditions. After such an injury, there may also be brain damage, since the current may affect the brain and nervous system. Many serious and life-altering conditions can come about, including nerve damage and amnesia, to name just a few.

People may also experience muscle and bone problems after being electrocuted. These injuries may require extensive therapy and even surgery to treat.


If you have been electrocuted, chances are it occurred in one of the following ways:

  • Construction
  • On the job injury
  • Worksite accident

Many electrocutions occur when construction workers are doing construction work of some kind, especially working on excavations and doing digs on a property. Doing trench work and handling equipment can be other reasons as well for an electrocution.

Electrocution injuries on occasion do heal themselves on their own without any kind of medical care, but this is rare. The reality is that this is a serious condition that needs medical attention to treat.

Neurologists and pain management specialists are often good resources to turn to for people suffering from this condition as they are well-versed and well-positioned to help if you have suffered this rare and serious condition. In addition, therapies and some tests, such as bone scans, are needed in many instances to be able to help diagnose and evaluate your condition.