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Many car, truck, and SUV car accidents occur because the at-fault driver has driven recklessly in some way. A reckless driver may be driving too fast and aggressively for conditions. If you are in an accident while someone is driving recklessly, the damages to you can be considerable because by definition reckless driving often means very high speed driving.

Common examples of reckless driving that results in car accidents are:

  • Driving much higher than the speed limit
  • Racing with another car
  • Aggressive tailgating
  • Abrupt lane changes
  • Overtaking a car on two-lane roads
  • Drunk driving or driving while high

These are just a few examples of some very common forms of reckless driving that result in car accidents. Each example is enough to establish liability on the at-fault driver’s negligence if they caused an accident since all of these examples are clear violations of state law.


Reckless driving by a driver can be both a criminal case and a civil case, which is what allows you to receive money for your injuries. In a civil case, in order to win, the injured person must prove there was a duty that existed, the duty breached, a person was injured, and the injuries were directly related to the breach of the duty.

Having a reckless driving charge levied against the at-fault driver can certainly help build a case that shows how the duty was breached that resulted in injuries to the driver. The police may also bring criminal charges against someone for driving recklessly, which means the driver may either receive a fine or go to jail for their driving. Normally, the police and prosecutor will not file charges unless someone is driving well above the posted speed limit.