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There is perhaps no more common reason for car accidents than when people speed or drive too fast for the conditions. Driving faster than the speed limit can contribute to very serious car accidents, which in turn result in very serious injuries for those in the car, truck, or SUV.

Unfortunately, in today’s age of cell phone usage while driving, speeding is one of the leading causes of accidents because oftentimes people are unaware of just how fast they are traveling when they create an accident.


Complying with speed limits would drastically, if not eliminate altogether, most car accidents. It is the law to abide by speed limits since they are based on the design of the road. In addition, when you see a road sign for a speed limit, that is based on when the conditions are normal, if not good. The speed limit for a road may need to be lower than this when conditions are bad, such as when there is snow, rain, or ice.

While the speed limit may 60 miles per hour, very few people actually follow this speed limit, and because of people’s inclination to drive faster than 60, oftentimes accidents occur because of this. Speeding and the conditions of the road are very common factors for accidents. The condition of the road can also lead to the reason why the speed limit is set for what it is.

Another term or word for speeding too fast is someone who tailgates. Someone who tailgates is just a person who follows too closely. These following too close accidents are very common, especially on highways when it is hard to stop suddenly.