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All of us need good, healthy foods to sustain us. That includes enough protein, carbs, and healthy fats. The elderly are no different, but they may also need specialized foods and beverages as well that is uniquely tailored for them. Common and obvious signs of malnutrition are:

  • Excessive weight loss
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of strength
  • Mental impairment
  • Fatigue or tiring easily
  • Hair loss
  • Depression
  • Low blood pressure

The consequences of suffering from malnutrition over a prolonged period can be very damaging to the wellbeing and health of anyone, but especially the elderly. Obviously, if the elderly person suffers from malnutrition for a long enough period of time they could eventually and ultimately die. But even when there is not this level of extreme malnutrition, there can be really serious side effects including, but not limited to, kidney and live failure or problems, problems with the pancreas, heart problems, muscle problems, depression, and complete organ failure. Obviously, given the stakes involved, going through malnutrition can be a devastating and life-altering ordeal.


Malnutrition happens for a couple of different reasons. The most obvious and common reason that someone is suffering from malnutrition is that they simply aren’t being cared for or looked-after enough by the nursing home staff and personnel. The other reason is that the nursing home and staff is not giving the elderly person the right kinds of fun and beverages to keep them healthy, which is a key distinction that needs to be understood: malnutrition is not just being underfed. It is also a case when someone is not being fed the right kinds of foods and beverages that can lead to malnutrition.

Nursing homes may put out the appearance of being caring and loving facilities that are intended to help care for people, the reality is that nursing homes are big businesses too and they are designed to make a profit, at least the for-profit nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Given this profit motive, many nursing homes become incredibly profitable by keeping their staffs as low as possible.

By minimizing staff and having as few people as possible to run their businesses, they ensure that they make profits greater than they would if they had the requisite number of people it takes to run the nursing home effectively. Or, another way a nursing home may cut corners and maximize their profits, is by failing to properly train or hire the right people for the job. And last, there are instances when the nursing home staff intentionally withholds foods and beverages from the elderly as a form of cruel abuse or as a way to exert control over the elderly person.