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Some of the most common (and serious, if not deadly) accidents occur when a bicyclist is riding on a dense, urban street close to the sides of parked cars, and someone opens their car door very suddenly without looking in their side rearview mirror to make sure no bicyclist is approaching.

Most accidents between cars, trucks, and vans and bicycles are because people in motor vehicles are simply travelling too fast for the conditions, especially in dense urban areas where it is hard to see. It is against the law for a car to be in a bicycle lane except to make a turn, but the driver must yield to the pedestrian or bicyclist. It is also the law that the driver of a car or truck or SUV must travel to the left it wants to pass a bicyclist and must do so safely. Traffic that is going slowly must stay on the right.

Other reasons for bicycle injuries occur because a driver is drowsy, distracted because they are texting, talking on their phone, or watching their phone screen, drunk or high on marijuana, they are in a construction or hazard zone they are unfamiliar, the weather is bad, or because they are simply driving too fast and cannot control their vehicle.