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Do you ever wonder about the causes of bicycle accidents? And why is it helpful to understand the precise cause? Accountability is a straightforward response. In a bicycle collision, the motorist can be held responsible. Different things can lead to bike accidents, particularly on highways. But, most bicycle accidents occur due to careless drivers avoiding traffic rules.

Frequent Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Whether you ride a bike for recreation, exercise, or as part of your daily commute, knowing the most frequent causes of accidents can help you avoid losing your life. Additionally, it enables us to be prepared for danger each time we travel. Here are some frequent causes of bicycle accidents:

Blocked by the Drivers

Drivers are far more likely to hit cyclists when they don’t leave a safe space between their vehicle and them. Instead, they provide the biker and the car with less room to avoid potential collisions and obstructions when they don’t leave a buffer.

Driving Under the Influence

Not just cyclists but many drivers still insist on operating a vehicle after drinking or using drugs. Unfortunately, such careless behavior causes a lot of tragic accidents.

Drunk driving impairs a driver’s ability to make wise decisions and avoid deadly collisions and contributes to many collisions with cyclists.

Driving through Traffic

To dodge sluggish cars, impatient drivers may swirl in and out of traffic by continually changing lanes. Whether cyclists are on the road or in the emergency lane, they are less likely to be seen by a driver who weaves between vehicles.

Changing Direction Without Checking

When changing directions, a lack of observation might result in hazardous situations, similar to accidents brought on by negligent lane changes.

At many intersections, drivers receive the go-ahead signal while being instructed to watch out for cyclists and pedestrians. One of the frequent (and easily avoidable) causes of cycling accidents occurs at intersections when drivers turn before checking for bicyclists.

Getting Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is another significant factor in bike accidents. However, driving while fatigued poses significantly fewer risks than driving while drunk. Research has shown that the two situations are strikingly similar.

Serious accidents are more likely to happen to drivers who leave the house early, stay out late, or rush to come home after a tiresome day at work. Even worse, it may result in fatal bike accidents.

Whatever transpired, you should visit a personal injury lawyer and discuss if you get in a bike accident with a vehicle.

Dooring accidents

Dooring is the practice of parking along the road and quickly opening the driver-side door without looking.

High-speed cyclists frequently don’t have enough time to react before hitting an open car door, which almost always seriously injures the cyclist.

Rear-end Crashes

Rear-end collisions occur when a motorist does not stop, striking a cyclist from behind. This is the most typical bicycle accident in which drunk drivers kill or seriously hurt riders.

Bicyclists should increase their visibility by adding lights on the front and back of their bikes. Also, they should wear luminous gear to prevent rear-end collisions. Additionally, riding within a lane instead of near the curb can increase visibility.

Right Cross Collisions

A right cross collision occurs when a car drives out of a roadway, driveway, parking lot, or alley to the right of a cyclist who has already passed the car. The cyclist may also be unable to escape the collision if the car moves out far enough to restrict its right of way.

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The Jackman Law Firm ensures that everything is fair and equitable when you experience a bicycle accident. They will defend you by creating a compelling case based on the state’s law. Moreover, you can ask any question about getting into an accident for future reference. They will guide you on what you must do whenever you get into an accident. Reach out today to schedule your initial consultation.