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If you have been injured while on a business’s property, you may have a case against the company or business owner for not maintaining a safe premise. Examples may include the business not having adequate lighting, security cameras, or security guards patrolling the business to make sure it is safe. Owners of buildings and businesses have a duty to make sure that they keep their customers safe from dangerous conditions and dangerous people who may pose a risk of harm.

In many cases the problem arises from the particular business’ unwillingness to simply spend the appropriate amount of money to hire the necessary number of security guards or purchase the necessary security equipment, such as cameras, to make their business or premises safe.

Laws Regarding Negligent Security

Legally, land owners and business owners have a duty to make sure their premises are safe from known dangers. Further, if they reasonably could have known that their premises would be dangerous, then they have a duty to make sure that the premises are safe.

This means, again, that they may have to go out and spend money to hire the proper security personal to make sure their premises are safe. In order to prevail on a negligent security case, you must show the landowner had a duty to keep their property safe, they breached their duty in some way to you, and that you were injured because of the breach in that duty.

This may or may not be easy to do in a negligent security case. You may have to do a great deal of work, if you do not hire a lawyer, to prove that not enough security was present. In many cases, this will include hiring the right expert or experts to prove your case. The right expert on a case can make or break it. There are experts across the nation who are experienced in identifying how businesses can make their premises safe. The most common places where negligent security cases arise are: Bars Nightclubs Shopping malls Restaurants Gas stations Motels Hotels Apartment complexes