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When a semi-truck changes lanes suddenly, they can pose a large threat to people on the road. Semi-trucks, when fully loaded, can weigh over 26,000 pounds. When they run smoothly and properly, there is no problem. However, when they collide with a smaller vehicle, they can cause enormous damage to the occupant inside.


When a semi-truck gets in an accident with a normal sized truck, car or SUV, the most common reason is that the semi-truck turned too suddenly or merged into the lane with the car or truck improperly, creating an accident. The most common reason for these improper or sudden lane change is when the driver does not check their rearview mirror in time or when the driver does not check their blind spot before turning.

If a semi-truck driver does not carefully and slowly change lanes when they are driving, this is often because they were not trained properly. Proving that a truck driver was not properly trained is very helpful, if not crucial, in proving your case against the trucking company that caused you to have a truck accident.