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Famous for its slogan: “Are you in good hands?”, Allstate Corporation is one of the largest publicly held insurance providers operating both in the US and Canada. Founded in 1931 as a division of Sears, Allstate became its own separate entity in 1993. Allstate is recognized as a leading US business via its ranking on the 2018 Fortune 500 list as #79. With headquarters in Northfield Township, Illinois, Allstate earned $38.5 billion of revenue in 2017 and compiled $112.4 billion in total assets.

The name Allstate was first applied to a brand of tires manufactured by Sears in 1925. After the success of Allstate tires, five years later Allstate Insurance Company was established with the goal of selling auto insurance by direct mail and the Sears catalog. Over the years, Allstate grew more profitable and bought numerous companies, including Esurance. In 1993, Sears sold a major chunk of Allstate when it went public, making it the largest IPO to date. Allstate claims can be filed by calling 1-800-255-7828 or using their online app. However, we strongly warn against filing a claim by yourself. Enlisting the legal guidance and support of an auto accident injury lawyer at The Jackman Law Firm will increase your chances at success and the amount of your reward.


Allstate’s professional regime of claims adjusters work tirelessly to save the company as much money as possible on the hundreds of auto accident insurance claims filed against them on a daily basis. So it only stands to reason that they will do everything possible to minimize your claim and diminish your payout. As such, Allstate claims adjusters use tried and true strategies to trick you into thinking you are getting a great payout while you are not. A good auto accident injury lawyer can help you navigate Allstate’s manipulative gestures and fight for what you really deserve. We do everything in our power to optimize the money you are awarded for your injuries.

In this modern age of advancing technology, you may be surprised to learn that Allstate, like most major insurance companies, uses a proprietary computer algorithm system, aptly named “Colossus,” to determine the initial settlement on any claim. In fact, in 2010, Allstate faced a class action lawsuit on behalf of 41 states regarding unethical use of Colossus – which resulted in a $10 million settlement payout.


Allstate is well-known for fighting claims, a practice that was parodied in a book called From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves, which describes how Allstate hired a consulting firm to develop profit-boosting strategies aimed at reducing claims’ payouts. According to the book, the main thing Allstate learned and implemented in their operating procedures was a variety of strategies on how to offer claims settlements that were significantly lower than what is reasonable.

A good auto accident injury lawyer will send a clear message to the Allstate claims adjuster that you are serious about filing your claim and that they won’ get away with any funny business.

The Jackman Law Firm auto accident attorneys are a top-rated auto accident lawyer group assisting hundreds of drivers for years. If you or a loved one have been involved in an injurious auto accident caused by an Allstate insured driver, we can assist you in negotiating your Allstate car accident claim. We provide you with our legal expertise and competent representation for no money down. In fact, we don’t charge you a dime until your case is settled. And if we don’t win the case for you, then you owe us absolutely nothing at all.

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