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The Jackman Law Firm provides comprehensive legal representation for persons involved in auto accidents due to the negligence of the other party. Whether you were a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian, if you experienced an accident due to the fault of a reckless driver you are entitled to hold them accountable and obtain monetary compensation for the damages you have suffered.

As a local personal injury lawyer, Chris Jackman is familiar with the litany of excuses given by auto insurance companies, including Progressive Insurance (aka Progressive Corporation), as they attempt to defend against a claim. With legal acumen and years of experience, Chris Jackman Law Firm can help you prevail in your auto accident claim. Call today for a free estimate regarding your auto accident case.


Progressive Corporation is a massive American car insurance company that brought in $30 billion of revenue in 2018. Founded in 1937, with headquarters in Ohio, Progressive Corporation has grown in financial holdings to be one of the top 10 American insurance companies—although they also now have a branch in Australia.

Progressive Corporation offers auto insurance for passenger vehicles – cars, boats, recreation – as well as commercial vehicles, including business cars and truck. They also offer other-indemnity liability insurance for the directors of banks and officers liability insurance. All in all, Progressive currently handles about 13 million active insurance policies.


Like most big auto insurance companies, Progressive seeks to minimize payouts on claims against their insured drivers. While Progressive is known for under valuing claims, they are most well-known, in this light, for the case of Kaitlynn Fisher—a 24 year old woman who was killed in an auto accident after a Progressive policy holder reportedly ran a red light. Progressive was criticized for fighting the case in court against Kaitlynn Fischer’s surviving loved ones. This sort of thing just makes you feel bad about an insurance company. If they don’t want to pay for a death caused by one of their policy holders, they will likely be reluctant to pay for lesser injuries.


If you’ve had an accident with a Progressive policy holder and are filing a claim for compensation regarding injuries sustained, you should know that Progressive’s claims adjusters will offer you about as low an amount as they can justify. Enlisting a lawyer at Chris Jackman Law Firm to deal with the claim on your behalf is the best way for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

A professional car accident lawyer at Chris Jackman Law Firm knows all about the kind of games that big-wig auto insurance companies like Progressive play. One of our expert lawyers who specializes in personal injury cases will prevent the Progressive claims adjuster from undercutting your attempts for fairness.


Your personal injury car accident lawyer will assist in gathering evidence and facts that empower your case. Obtaining the police report that was written at the scene of the accident provides a frontline factual account of what happened at the time. Medical records can help to prove injuries caused by the crash.

Accounts of the medical costs, hospitalization expenses, and lost wages because you couldn’t work due to injuries from the accident will boost the amount of your compensation. All these damages represent losses you suffered that were due to no fault of your own.

Therefore, they should be repaid to you. If your case goes to trial, or sometimes beforehand, we will also help you gather medical and legal experts who can legitimize the extent of your injuries and verify the other party’s fault in the accident.

A picture is worth a thousand words—in that spirit we like to build up as much photographic evidence as possible regarding the accident and your injuries. Add to this any eyewitness accounts of the accident and your case begins to become unbeatable. We may also ask to inspect the other driver’s car or get a thorough report from the shop that repaired it.

All these factors help a competent personal injury lawyer to build a rock solid case and earn you a major payday—which is the light at the end of the dark tunnel incurred by an unwanted auto accident.


Most auto accident victims suffer both financially and emotionally. Just having to miss work can cause you problems at your job. Then there’s the hassles of taking care of your kids and your household responsibilities without a working car or with significant injuries. It all adds up to substantial emotional and psychological stress. You deserve compensation for all these problems issuing from an auto accident. At The Jackman Law Firm we’ll help you get the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free no-risk consultation.